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drillers-connect-drillerDrillers Connect is a communication tool for Boart Longyear drillers. The tool is accessible on any computer, smart phone or tablet with an internet connection.

Resources on Drillers Connect

  • News and social media feeds from Boart Longyear
  • Safety resources available 24/7
  • Product brochures at an instant
  • Submit your own stories, ideas, or images to share
  • Career information


Drillers Connect is accessible to Boart Longyear employees only. Your username is either your firstname.lastname, or first initial and last name (flastname). Your first time password will be the third digit of your year of birth followed by “mysite” followed by the fourth digit of your year of birth. Example: year of birth is 1982, your password will by 8mysite2

If you have lost this information or need help, please contact: or your local HR representative.

From within the US and Canada: Toll Free 1-855-855-5001 or dial extension 5001 Worldwide +1-801-974-5001

Via email:



The news section lets you see interesting, new, and important Boart Longyear information. You’ll see featured stories, twitter updates, and Youtube videos.

Whether it’s a Hard Work Cycle update, a story, or recognition, you’ll find it here.

The news section will be constantly updating so always be sure to check in and see what’s happening around the world.



The Safety section contains all of the information needed to Make it safe, Make it personal, Make it home.

Everything is available 24/7, easy to read, and easy to access.



Access all the information you need on products and services from the brochures page.

If you need the brochures in another language, you can select from English, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

When you select a brochure it will automatically open up in your browser.



Now is your chance to share your stories, ideas, and pictures with Boart Drillers around the globe.

Your name and email will already be filled in for you.

Type in your story or idea and include pictures and videos if you’d like. Review and submit your post at the very bottom of the screen.


We’re celebrating the promotions, service milestones, awards, transfers and new assignments for hundreds of hard working, smart, passionate people as they continue to perform above and below the ground. We’re opening new doors and sparking new ideas with the challenges that only our industry can provide.


Check this site regularly to find your next career opportunity.